Fla. Senate votes to end teacher tenure

The bill now moves to the House

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - A bill to end teacher tenure got a passing grade from the State Senate Thursday.

The legislation would put Florida teachers on annual contracts and tie pay raises to student performance.

Supporters, like Republican State Senator Anitere Flores of Miami, say the new standards would encourage the best teachers to come to Florida.” We do not recognize teachers as first in the nation because the contracts that they are currently binded by do not allow them, do not allow those teachers to be paid for their performance."

Opponents, like Democratic State Senator Bill Montford of Tallahassee, worry that the state won't be able to pay for the raises once the federal 'Race to the Top' funds run dry. "I am fearful that we are on the edge of making a really better program for our K-12 public education, but I am afraid we won't be successful because of the lack of funding."

The bill now moves to the Florida House where it’s expected to easily win passage next week.

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