Fisherman's Paradise, a unique fishing resort, ready to reel in customers

CLEARWATER, Fla. - The managers of Fisherman's Paradise , a unique fishing resort, are just about ready to start taking reservations.

It's located within driving distance of the Tampa Bay area, but you can't use a car to get there.

It's a floating resort located 15 miles off the coast of Clearwater.CLEARWATER, Fla.

In another life it was a barge for building natural gas pipelines. Now it's built for comfort with a luxury grand salon. It has two gyms and a sauna. Guests will stay in 14 main cabins. And if money's no object there are four VIP suites.

There are also executive suites big enough to throw a party.

The resort is really a 5 story 'floatel.'

"The mornings out here are phenomenal, the nights and the stars out here are great," said Ryan Nelson with Fisherman's Paradise.

It's not just a getaway for guys who want to spend all day reeling in the big ones.

For women there are a lounging pool, massage tables and pedicure chairs.

Of course everyone likes to eat; there's a gourmet galley and dining room for that:
They plan to serve a lot of seafood in the restaurant; everything from crab chowder to shrimp scampi and grouper.  

The biggest challenge, if you can afford the room rate, is getting there.

The resort has a helicopter along with a small fleet of shuttle boats. Or you can simply bring your own and park it in the onboard marina.

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