Florida Highway Patrol steps up 'Move Over' law enforcement

Anytime there is an accident or scene on the side of a roadway in Florida, drivers are supposed to switch to the next available lane.

Florida's "Move Over" law does not seem like it is being followed by all drivers according to some first responders and tow truck operators.

To crack down on violators of the "Move Over" law, Florida Highway Patrol is increasing enforcement of the law on major highways.

The law requires drivers to switch to the lane next to them when passing a first responder or tow truck driver helping with an accident.

If there is not enough space to move over, drivers are suppose to lower their speed 20 miles per hour under the speed limit.

Tow truck drivers at Sisters Towing in Suburban West Palm Beach said they are happy to hear FHP is stepping up enforcement on the move over law.

Tow truck operators said drivers rarely give them the space to work, coming so close at time they can feel the passing cars.

"Traffic does get congested but you know everybody should take the respect and say, 'What if I was that guy?' We got families to go home to, we want to see everybody," said Jack Christensen at Sisters Towing.

The tow truck drivers WPTV News Channel 5 spoke with said they are hoping the increased enforcement of the "Move Over" law changes some driver's perspectives.

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