Exotic species 'almost beyond human control' in Florida, says expert at Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

JUPITER, Fla. - Exotic species of plants and animals are a growing problem in Florida, according to wildlife experts.

It's an issue that is having an impact from the Everglades to people's backyards.

Exotic animals, like pythons, were brought to South Florida by humans but have established themselves in the area.

Invasive species can overtake natural plants and take away the food source from natural animals. 

It's a problem that's growing so much that David Hitzig, of the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter, says wildlife experts are having a hard time stopping it.

"Quite honestly, the problem is so big with exotic species, whether you are talking plants or animals, that it is truly almost beyond human control," Hitzig says.

Hitzig says exotic species can establish themselves in Florida, especially South Florida, because of the climate.

"It's just a place where anything can thrive, plant or animal and because so many of these things have now been introduced, it's running rampant.  It's almost impossible to stop," Hitzig says.

Hitzig says people who come across the animals and want them removed can contact the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary .

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