Elian Gonzalez: Speaks out against U.S. for trade embargo against Cuba, says Fidel is his 'God'

Elian Gonzalez. Remember him?

It has been 14 years since his name first made headlines around the world.

Now, he's speaking out against the U.S. for its trade embargo against Cuba, even blaming the policy for his mother's death.

Elian… his first name alone is enough to recall the story of the six year old boy who miraculously survived a shipwreck leaving Cuba only to find himself in the middle of a bitter international custody battle.

Now that boy is a 20 year old man, who says he isn't scarred by his mother's death at sea by boat or the fight over him that ripped his family apart.

"I haven't had any long-lasting psychological trauma. it hasn't affected me, but it has been hard on my family because those were difficult moments.

But in spite of everything, I'm in Cuba and that's great because it has been 15 wonderful years in which I have experienced great growth, without precedents, as a Cuban revolutionary youth espousing the cause.

Gonzalez spoke to CNN in Ecuador where he is part of an official Cuban delegation to a youth conference.

Its his first trip abroad since the U.S. government removed him at gun point from his relatives home in Miami and, following the legal battle, sent him back to Cuba to live with his father.

For Cuban leader Fidel Dastro, Gonzalez's return was a massive public relations victory over his enemies in the Cuban exile community.

"Behind me is the us diplomatic mission in Havana and over here's the theater that was built to house of many of those massive demonstrations by thousands of Cubans demanding that Elian Gonzalez be returned home. During the showdown, Fidel Castro promised that if Gonzalez was sent back to Cuba, he would not become a propaganda tool for the Cuban government."

Despite those assurances, Gonzalez's life was anything but normal.

His 7th birthday party was attended by Fidel Castro. his father Juan Miguel went from being a waiter to a member of the country's national assembly.

Bodyguards protect elian gonzalez at all times.

Now Elian Gonzalez studies engineering at a military school in Cuba and appears to be emerging as a new spokesman for the Cuban government.

"The message for me is that many others have died while trying to reach American soil, but it is because of the American government itself that, with an unfair blockade, causes a critical economic situation inside of Cuba.

Elian Gonzalez's Miami relatives said they tried to keep from returning to Cuba to prevent him from being brainwashed by Fidel Castro.

But in a recent interview Gonzalez said the Cuban leader saved his life and that to him, Fidel Castro is quote his "god."