Dynasdy Williams charged with crash that injured a 9-year-old girl

THE ACREAGE, Fla. - Parents outside Golden Grove Elementary School were relieved Wednesday to learn Dynasdy Williams was arrested for DUI after investigators say she hit 9-year-old Melanie Ponce De Leon in March.

"It is a sad situation because not only has Melanie's life and her family's life been impacted, but this woman has two children of her own that go to the same school and it is impacting them too," parent Jessica Barndaller said.

Dynasdy Williams told WPTV after the crash she was not under the influence. But police reports released Wednesday show she was above the legal limit for alcohol and also had Xanax and marijuana in her system. Reports show her alcohol level was .118.

"I'm glad she was arrested, but is she going to get help for her drug and alcohol? Will she do it again? Will she get behind the wheel again under the influence? That is what is scary," friend of the victim and parent Carrie Williams said.

At the address listed for Dynasdy Williams her cousin answered the door.

He says she lived in the home, but was asked to leave after the crash. He was not aware of the arrest, but says Williams seemed sad when he saw her last on Easter.

"She feels bad about it. She is going to have to live with that for the rest of her life," the cousin Heath Futterer said.

Melanie's parents are with her at the hospital, and her brother says she is recovering from a recent surgery she needed because fluid was on her brain.

He says she is on a feeding tube, but was doing somewhat better before the recent surgery and even talking and walking.

But he says she has brain damage and a long recovery ahead.

"Melanie was the first one who would always run up to me and give me a hug. She is just a beautiful little girl," family friend Jessica Barndaller said.

Dynasdy Williams is at the Palm Beach County jail with no bond.

She will go before a judge on Thursday morning.


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