Dwayne Yeager faked burglary to avoid going to work, Hillsborough County deputies say

BRANDON, Fla. - A Brandon man was jailed on Monday after he faked a burglary at his home in an effort to avoid going to work, Hillsborough County deputies say.

Dwayne Yeager, 31, called a non-emergency number at the Sheriff's Office around 7:30 a.m. and said he had just arrived at his Bridlewood Way home to discover it had been burglarized. He also said he saw a vehicle driving away from the residence as he was pulling up.

When deputies arrived, the interior of the home appeared to have been ransacked and some blinds were open.

They were not able to find any evidence of forced entry.

Deputies interviewed neighbors and learned from one that Yeager left the home around 6:30 a.m. and returned around 7:15.  The witness said Yeager walked into the home and opened some blinds as well as a bedroom window.

The witness also said there was no vehicle at the home prior to Yeager's arrival.  He was seen standing in the front yard before deputies arrived.

When confronted, Yeager admitted he staged the burglary because he didn't want to go to work, according to a sheriff's statement.

He told deputies his wife was adamant about him going to work and "he didn't want to." Yeager said, according to deputies, that he didn't think he could be arrested for doing what he did.

He was charged with providing false information to law enforcement and taken to the Orient Road Jail.

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