Thieves steal driveway from Florida woman's front yard.

REDDICK, Fla. - A Florida woman came home from work Tuesday night, only to find something was gone that most people may consider too big or permanent to steal. Her driveway!

She discovered the theft when she tried to park at her home and felt a large bump.
"I noticed there was definitely something missing in my peripheral vision," Rachel McCarty said.
That's right, McCarty returned to her family's horse ranch and found nearly 200 bricks in her driveway were missing.  

That's about 300-square feet of brick pavers.

The theft happened during the day.

McCarty says a neighbor saw the whole thing, and assumed the family had hired someone to remove the driveway.

Authorities are looking for two suspects who apparently drove away in a pick-up truck with a trailer filled with bricks.