Dog saves Florida family from gunmen

Her bark better than a bite

- BRADENTON, Fla. - "Bella" the boxer isn't always the most obedient dog.

Her owner, 4-year-old Jaydha Thomas, knows better than anyone, that when it comes to tug-o-war, Bella wins.

"She won't give me it," Jaydha said. "Let go, Bella. Let go. Let go."

Jaydha's dad, Joseph, says Bella's also somewhat of a coward. Or, at least he would've said that before last week.

"I've never been as scared before as I was Thursday," Joseph said.

Joseph was in his backyard in Bradenton pushing Jaydha on their swing set, when out of nowhere he says two men with guns stormed in, demanding money.

"I thought it was a prank or something," Joseph said.

Somehow Bella knew it wasn't a prank.

She and the Thomas' other boxer, Shiloh, stormed towards the men, barking at them. The men opened fire, pointing right at Bella, who just kept barking.

Shiloh jumped their fence and ran off. The Thomas' still haven't seen her.

Joseph says the men ran off, leaving bullet casings and holes in their pool and shed, just feet from Jaydha's swing set.

Somehow, no one was injured.

"I don't know how they missed everybody," Joseph said.

Jaydha's had nightmares every night since, but even at 4-years old, she can appreciate how lucky she is to be alive, thanks to a dog who may not always listen.

Then again, who cares if you can shake, when you can save your family's life.

"I'll never get rid of Bella. Never. She saved our life," Joseph said. "If somebody offered me a million dollars for her right now, I wouldn't take it."

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