Dispute over missing plant leads to illegal plants

Couple arrested for growing marijuana

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Kevin Rerko proudly looks over the vegetable plants his family is growing.  But the Port St. Lucie man is upset over a missing plant in the front yard.

"Right there used to be a poinciana tree we got as a gift from a friend for my daughter's birthday," said Rerko.

Rerko says his daughter looked at it every day but on Sunday, the 6-year-old was in tears.

"My daughter goes 'Daddy, Daddy my tree is gone.' "

He had no proof, but after some prior run-ins, Rerko suspected a neighbor destroyed it so he called police.

"They went up to the door and he wouldn't answer," recalled Rerko.

As police investigated officers ended up looking over a fence and said that they found marijuana plants growing in the backyard of Bryan and Kathleen Martin.  The couple was arrested on drug charges.  

Even though the missing tree is still a mystery, Rerko says the empty spot in his front yard won't be that way for long.

 "We're going to replace it again.  Most definitely, we're going to make it whole."