Disney World turns guests away from the Magic Kingdom

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida - "Be our guest" did not hold true for everyone trying to get into Disney World's Magic Kingdom on Tuesday. So many people decided to go to the theme park that workers had to turn away guests.

According to Orlando TV station WKMG, guests told them they were turned away at the gates of Magic Kingdom because it was filled to capacity.

For those who did get inside, there were reports of lines up to 5 hours long to get on the rides.

WDWmagic.com reports Disney reimbursed parking and offered half price dining to everyone they turned away.

The Magic Kingdom reopened at 8 o'clock Tuesday night in limited capacity after being closed for about 11 hours to guests.

Epcot was packed with people with average wait times for popular attractions there at about 4 hours.


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