Dinzina Wardall: Woman escapes from deputy before getting booked into Bartow jail

BARTOW -- Officials are searching for a wanted woman who escaped from a deputy's custody just before getting booked into a Bartow jail Wednesday morning.

Deputies say she got her window of opportunity after she claimed to be sick.

Officials went to arrest Dinzina Wardall after midnight for her failure to appear for a warrant.

She was facing charges of Grand Theft, Scheming to Defraud, and Exploitation of the Elderly.

When she was taken into custody, she resisted at first and deputies had to use a stun gun on her.

She was taken to a hospital and after being cleared, a deputy drove her to the jail to be booked.

Upon arrival, Wardall began to act as if she was about to throw up.  The deputy reached to get her napkin and that's when she managed to open the door, while in handcuffs, and ran.

The deputy tried to jump out and chase her, but his car was still in gear, so he had to get back inside and park.

She was able to escape.

Officials have found a perimeter and are searching for the suspect.

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