Diana Nyad chases longtime Cuba-Florida dream swim

HAVANA (AP) -- Team members for Diana Nyad report the 62-year-old endurance athlete has been stung four times by jellyfish while continuing her quest to swim from Cuba to Florida in shark-infested waters.

A team member posted a message on Nyad's Twitter account that the American had logged more than 10 hours in the water by nearly 2 a.m. EDT Sunday. Her goal: to become the first to set a record 103-mile (166-kilometer) unassisted crossing without a wetsuit or shark cage.

Nyad was stung on the lips in the second of the four encounters with jellyfish but kept swimming, her team says. She left Cuba Saturday in her latest bid to cross the Florida Straits since last summer, when first an asthma attack and then jellyfish stings forced her to abandon separate attempts.

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