Denise McCoy, Sara Marin, Sara's Entertainment: Women accused of running prostitution ring

FDLE: 1 of the women is wife of police officer

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A Boca Raton Police officer is under investigation after his wife was charged with pimping.

Police say they've busted a ring that involved several women and numerous Johns who were meeting at several apartments around the city.

The mayor of Boca Raton says no one has indicated that Boca officer Sam McCoy was involved in the alleged prostitution ring.

"The investigation will prove whatever it proves and if he had absolutely nothing to do with this then he's a fine person and he will continue," said mayor Susan Whelchel.

But that doesn't mean police are not asking questions.

McCoy has been placed on administrative leave following his wife's arrest so the department can investigate.

Denise McCoy and her alleged partner in the ring, Sara Marin, were arrested yesterday after an investigation by FDLE and charged with money laundering and pimping.

FDLE says police learned of the alleged ring from a prostitute who says McCoy threatened to have her deported unless she had sex with as many as twelve men per day for nine months.

The dates were allegedly scheduled on an online forum,

Mayor Susan Whelchel says she's concerned not only about the McCoy family but also the city's image.

"I'm sure that there's collateral damage just by virtue of the fact that it involves someone who works for the city," Whelchel said. "My heart goes out to the family."

Police say the women made as much as $100,000 from the ring.

Officer. Sam McCoy has not been arrested.

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