Crystal Lake Middle School student charged with poisoning teacher's drink with hand sanitizer

The Polk County Sheriff's office has charged a 14-year-old student with poisoning.
According to investigators, the student put Zep's Professional Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Gel into Ana Morejon's cup of water.
The incident happened on Tuesday while Morejon had stepped out of her classroom to deal with a disciplinary matter involving another student.
During that time, the student took the lid off of Morejon's cup and put two squirts of the sanitizer into the water.  He then swished it around according to an affidavit.
Unknown the drink had been tampered with, Morejon took a sip.  She noticed it had a "chalky" or "flowery" taste.
After taking the lid off of her drink, Morejon smelled the water.  She told investigators it had a scent of sanitizer.
The student was arrested Wednesday and faces one count of poisoning.


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