Coyotes roaming on Sanibel Island golf course (VIDEO)

SANIBEL, Fla. - Security cameras have confirmed the presence of coyotes on Florida's Sanibel Island.

A playful pair of coyotes were caught on camera at the Sanctuary Golf Course.

"We were surprised to see them. First of all, you got to wonder how they got there," says Kyle Sweets, the course manager.

It's a question the City of Sanibel and local wildlife organizations are trying to answer.

The first coyote was spotted on the island three years ago. The city has gotten several calls recently from homeowners who have seen the coyotes in their backyards.

“A number of calls we’ve gotten suggests the coyotes are definitely using some of our conservation land,” says Holly Milbrandt, a biologist.

Milbrandt is a biologist with the City of Sanibel. She says coyotes have been spotted along the river.

The golf course where the two were recently spotted is surrounded by a national refuge.

“It’s not very common at all. This is a new issue for Sanibel,” says Milbrandt.

Because of the increase in sightings of coyotes on the island, the city is setting up its own surveillance cameras this summer to find out where these coyotes are, what they are doing and how many of them are there.

“I think we have two concerns; making sure humans on Sanibel are safe as well as their small pets,” says Milbrandt.

The city’s other concern is the potential impact the coyotes could have on endangered wildlife.

But for now, it seems the playful coyotes are keeping to themselves.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel