Controversial video posted on YouTube by 2 Santaluces girls leads to tighter security at the school

LANTANA, Fla. - The Palm Beach County School District says it is aware of a video posted by two Santaluces students and that "appropriate action" will be taken.

It was uploaded by two girls at the Lantana high school and has been removed by YouTube because the site considers it "hate speech."

In the video the girls made disparaging remarks about African-Americans at their school.

The video has been shared across social media sites and was highlighted by the web video show, Tosh.0.  

Parents and students we spoke with called the remarks racist.  

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the school district is increasing security at the school. The district is not talking about the incident but did release this statement:

"The School District is aware of the situation.  Appropriate action will be taken according to district policy. Racist comments are unacceptable and have no place in our School District."

Calls to the principal at Santaluces have not been returned. The district is also not releasing the identity of the girls at this time.

School Police Chief Jim Kelly told the Palm Beach Post that his department has added extra officers to the Santaluces campus to ensure the safety of students, but that there have been no issues at the school so far today.

"The school will be looking at this situation to take appropriate action," Kelly told the Post. "Social media is new, so a lot of these situations are new. The district will have to look at this and determine what the appropriate action is."

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