Clearwater Marine Aquarium team helps free dolphin calf off coast of Destin

It took two days, but a dolphin calf tangled in fishing line is now free off the coast of Destin.

A team from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium was called to help free the calf which has line tightly wrapped around her tail and was cutting into her flukes.

The calf was swimming next to her mom who was not injured.   

In total eight organizations worked to free the calf.

After the line was successfully removed, the dolphin swam freely in the Gulf of Mexico.

It took over a day to locate the dolphin lead her to shallow waters.  Once in a safe location, it took the team approximately 30 minutes to free the young dolphin from the fishing line.

“As good stewards of our environment, we need to remember to take every course of action to not leave any fishing line, hooks or lures that could potentially harm marine life,” said Mike Hurst, Vice President of Zoological Care at Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

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