Cell phone ban begins today for commercial truck drivers

Truck drivers could face fines up to $2,750

With a new federal ban on cell phones that went into effect Tuesday, there are no more cell phones for commercial truckers hitting the road.

The cell phone ban for commercial truckers was announced back on November 23 and it prohibits commercial truckers and bus drivers from using hand held cell phones while driving.

The ban will affect some 4 million drivers nationwide. Leading experts believe the new law will be a win for drivers and their employees reducing the number of distracted driver accidents and ultimately lowering insurance cost for commercial trucking and bus companies.  Opponents of the new law say it will be difficult for employers and police to enforce the cell phone ban. They also believe it will have little to no effect on distraction related accident rates long term.

Commercial truck drivers could face fines up to $2,750 for each offense.  States could also suspend a driver's commercial license for multiple convictions.

In addition companies that allow their drivers to use hand held cell phones will face the maximum penalty of $11,000. 

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