Calder Sloan: 7-year-old North Miami boy electrocuted in swimming pool

MIAMI - Calder Sloan, a 7-year-old boy in North Miami, died Sunday after he was shocked in the water. 

The boy may have been electrocuted by a light in the pool that sent charges through the water.

An officer attempted CPR before fire rescuers transported him to the hospital where he later died.

Sloan was laid to rest on Friday, his family mourning and honoring the life at a memorial.

"He was a superhero. As he grew up, he amazed us with his athletic ability," Chris Sloan, the boy's father said at the memorial service.

The boy was swimming under the watch of his nanny with his brothers, ages 5 and 22.  The Miami Herald reports the older brother felt a shock and told the others to get out of the pool, but Calder didn't hear the warning.

NBC 6 in Miami reports the police are investigating the cause of the electrocution.  The family believes a malfunctioning pool light may be to blame.

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