'Beauty Bandit' Maria Chrysson pleads no contest

Accused of stealing Botox and other treatments

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. - The legal saga of the South Florida woman known as the "beauty bandit" has come to an end.

Maria Chrysson was accused of stealing Botox and other treatments from three doctors in South Florida.

Chrysson was in the Broward County Courthouse Thursday.

She signed a deal pleading 'no contest' to grand theft charges.

She agreed to pay back 33-hundred dollars to a dermatology clinic, where she had bottom and other work done on her face last summer, but did not pay for it.

The 30-year-old will also serve four years probation and is a convicted felon.

Outside the courtroom, she said she is glad to put this behind her. "I'm very, very glad that this is over and I'm going to be able to start school again and get on with my life."

Chrysson plans to go to school in North Carolina to become a nurse.

Last September she was sentenced to two years probation for third-degree theft for cases in Miami-Dade County.

Information from NBC NewsChannel and WTVJ

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