Big collections from red light fines in Florida

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Red-light cameras are issuing more than a million dollars per month in fines. A legislative study shows in the first eight months after lawmakers approved the devices on state roads more than eight million dollars in fines were levied against drivers.

Representative Brad Drake has had enough. He didn't vote for the cameras last year and this year he's co-sponsoring legislation to repeal the devices.

"Everybody says this is going to save lives," Drake said, "but what they're not telling you is you have to give up some liberty and freedom. We could pass any kind of legislation that would save lives."

Drake also has legislation that would create time standards for yellow lights. Yellow lights shorter than two seconds have been reported in some areas around the state. Drake says uniform yellow lights will make the roads safer and cut down on the number of red light violations.

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