Bald eagle trapped by wire in a Lakeland tree rescued

LAKELAND, Fla. - It was not your normal call for assistance.

Normally, you'd expect it to be a cat stuck in a tree.  This time, Lakeland firefighters were called to rescue a bald eagle entangled in a wire in a branch hanging over a lake.

The rescue effort involved a number of local agencies and citizen volunteers behind a home on Cheverly Drive.

The eagle was exhausted from trying to free itself and had damaged its left wing in the process.

Parks and recreation crew members climbed the pine tree and were able to cut the eagle loose while a Lakeland Fire Department battalion chief positioned a kayak beneath it to retrieve the big bird using a fishing net.

The plan went off without a hitch and the eagle was taken ashore.

According to a release, the rescuers were unsure what kind of wire the eagle was tangled in, but it was not fishing line.

Homeowners in the neighborhood were familiar with the eagle, which is often seen perching in trees near the lake.

The bird will be rehabilitated by fish and wildlife personnel and then released back into the wild.

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