Andre Clements: Man arrested at Sawgrass Mills Forever 21, accused of dressing room video voyeurism

A 30-year-old Miami man's behavior Sunday piqued such suspicions at Sawgrass Mills mall.

When police searched Andre Clements' two cellphones, they saw numerous images and recordings of young women in their underwear, according to a police report.

Clements was arrested at Forever 21 about 3:20 p.m. and charged with one misdemeanor count of video voyeurism and one misdemeanor count of breaching the peace.

After posting $100 bail Monday, Clements was released from jail.

"The defendant, for his own amusement and self-gratification, used an imaging device to secretly view and record several female customers without consent, who were dressing and undressing," according to a police report. "Due to the defendant's actions which disrupted the normal course of business and sense of public decency, the defendant was also charged with a breach of peace."

Clements cover was blown when he remained in a dressing room at the trendy girl's, women's and men's clothing retailer for "an unusual amount of time" and an "uncomfortable" customer alerted the store manager that Clements might have been peeping at customers, the report said.

The store manager, Alexandra Paz, said she recalled Clements "conducting himself in a similar manner" on prior occasions. This time, she discovered several slits cut into the curtain that separated one dressing room from another, the report said.

When police arrived, Clements consented to a search of his Gucci bag, which yielded a hand-held Sony camcorder and a Motorola cellphone. Clements also had an iPhone in his back pocket, the report said.

Clements denied cutting the slits in the curtain, but admitted to using the cellphones to "see" and "record" the customers in the dressing room, the report said.

Clements provided police with the pass locks for the phones, on which they saw "several images and recordings of young female customers in their underwear," who appeared to be "changing and trying on clothing," the report said.

Clements told police he had recorded the video just moments before they arrived, the report said.

This wasn't the first arrest for voyeuristic behavior at Sawgrass Mills.

Last February, a 29-year-old man was accused of aiming a video camera up the skirts of customers at the Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th store. Mel Ortiz pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 74 days time served.

If a video voyeur were to get away, post images online and victims recognized themselves, they should immediately contact law enforcement, said Sgt. Rodney Hailey, a spokesman for the Sunrise Police Department.

"We would hopefully be able to go online and obtain an IP address," Hailey said. "We would have to track back the IP address to the person who posted it."