84-year-old driver crashes into Winter Haven CVS (VIDEO)

 A visit at a Winter Haven CVS Wednesday nearly became the last trip Adrienne Watkins ever took.

The 80-year-old was shopping when a car came barreling through the front door, narrowly missing her.

Police say had she not backed up a few minutes earlier to pick up an item from a shelf she could have been seriously injured or killed.

Investigators say 84-year-old Margaret Underwood was outside in her 2008 Chevy Impala waiting for her husband to come out of the store.

They say when he returned to the car Underwood began backing out of a parking spot and she struck a Chevrolet Suburban that was entering the parking area.

Officers say that when her husband went to check on the damage Underwood tried to return to her parking spot but inexplicably accelerated and crashed through the front doors of the store.

Underwood was not seriously hurt. Watkins was taken to Winter Haven Hospital where she was treated for cuts and bruises.

Damage to the store is estimated at $65,000.

Police cited Underwood for Improper Backing and Careless Driving.

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