South Florida Fair is seeing big crowds so far in West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Good weather means good crowds. That's what the South Florida Fair is hoping. 

It's not hard to see why people love the fair. 


"Donut burger and fried mac and cheese and fried grilled cheese which I've never seen that either," says Jessica Gaudix who estimates she spent about $60.


"We haven't even passed the food section yet you know we've been there," says Antonio Padin, "We got stuck there."


The rides were also popular on Monday. The operator of the Ferris wheel said he had a line all day long. 


People spent plenty of money at the fair. One woman told us she spent about $200 on Monday.


"Hopefully it's a good sign that people are feeling like they can spend money freely at the fair," says Vicki Chouris, Chief Operations Officer Vice President. 


The South Florida Fair doesn't have any sales numbers of crowd estimates yet but this year is already better than 2013.


"Last year on Martin Luther King holiday it rained at 3 o'clock so today we've had beautiful weather all day long," says Chouris.


The South Florida Fair runs now through February 2.

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