Scuba diving can be dangerous if proper safety precautions aren't taken

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -  Diving is big business in South Florida.  The lure of the water, and what's underneath is enough for some to jump in.

Nancy Behrend is an experienced diver, and it's her passion "With diving it is an otherworldly experience that you just don't have any way of explaining until you've experienced it yourself."

After a recent diving death, the conversation turned from the enjoyment of diving to the risks that come with swimming under the surface.

With dozens of dive boats going out each day, safety is always their number one concern.

"It has to be. You're risking your life and your diving buddy's life every time you go underwater so you always have to take the safety first into consideration and either buddy needs to be able to call the dive even at the last second if something's not right." Behrend said.

For those in the diving business, it's something they are aware of every time they leave the dock.

Kevin Metz owns Underwater Explorers: "Even if everything goes right, something can go wrong. Even if you know your job inside and out, you can't control everything. There's some inherent risk to this sport and I've seen a lot of really great operations that have accidents, they happen."

But some outweigh that risk with the splendor that is under the surface of the water.

Nancy: "You get a sense of awe, and you really surface at the end with a feeling like you've really grown through the experience. It's worth every, every safety risk but you have to take it really seriously."

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