What you need to know about school policy when it comes to the internet

Class is about to be back in session and there are several things parents and students need to know about internet use at school.

Each school district has rules in place when it comes to how to act online.

While each district words its rules differently, all preach similar guidelines students and parents need to follow.

Students need to recognize they can be held accountable for the websites they log onto and the words they write on social media sites.

Districts also say students should never expect anything they do online at school to be private.

Each district monitors the activity of people on its networks.

Accountability for students on social media goes beyond the classroom and into their homes.

If a student writes something on social media from home that could be considered harassment or cyber-bullying they can be disciplined at school.

Some school districts, like in Palm Beach County, say they bring in speakers and hold seminars for students and parents so they understand acceptable online use.

Below are links to policies for different school districts in the area.

Palm Beach


St. Lucie

Indian River


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