Video Time-lapse pictures of Earth flyover

(EndPlay Staff Reports) - Eighteen-year-old Croatian teenager Tomislav Safundzic made it a lot easier for us groundlings to know what the earth looks like from space.

In a two-minute time-lapsed video, the video editor put together images from NASA's Image Science and Analysis Laboratory to create an amazing video journey.

Safundzic posted the video on Vimeo and titled it "This is our Planet."

The video journey begins by showing the popular "blue marble" shots of Earth with sweeping views of oceans and landmasses covered by clouds, then changes to nighttime views, displaying Earth all lit up with electricity and the evidence of human life below.

Other breathtaking shots include the Aurora Borealis and its eerie green glow, and thunderstorms with sparks of lightning activity.

Throughout the video, you are reminded of the presence of the International Space Station and various satellites as they come into view in the frame.

To see individual short videos of various images of Earth and space from the International Space Station, visit NASA's Johnson Space Center website . This is where Safundzic obtained many of the images he put into his video.

Some of the other videos that can be viewed on the site are shots of California to Mexico, European Lights and the moon rising above the Pacific.

Watch "This is our Planet."