TiVo study shows moms are in control of the remote

Clair Huxtable still America's favorite mother

In its annual survey for Mother's Day, TV recording giant TiVo found something a little surprising about moms and the often fought over remote control.

"We found that when families are watching TV together that moms are more in control of the remote by a margin of 41 percent to 24 percent," says Tara Miatra, Senior V.P. at TiVo.

That's consistent with other research that shows moms are much more tech savvy these days and willing to become a bit more assertive on how technology gets used.

By the way, TiVo also asked moms to name the best TV mom of all time, and Clair Huxtable of The Cosby Show was the number one choice.


Video for mobile users: http://bit.ly/1mIggE3

And to the point about mom's becoming chief breadwinner, there's another survey with eye-opening results.

"Twenty-four percent of wives are out-earning their husbands. That's up four times since the 1960s," says Farnoosh Torabi, an author and financial advisor.

Torabi's book, "When She makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women", was released May 1.

She writes about the challenges of wives making more than husbands, but also says a working mom often results in a more engaged father.

"In fact, one study found that when fathers are more involved with the family engagement, with the upbringing of their children, the family and the household is a lot happier," says Torabi.

So, the gift of time is what she suggests for Mother's Day, while TiVo's survey found moms would also like to be served their favorite meal come Sunday.