Thanksgiving Day recipes, smartphone apps: Download these 5 Thanksgiving apps


-The Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach has nine of the easiest and traditional Thanksgiving recipes, along with clear, follow-along instructions. 
-Appetite's "Easy as Pie" iPhone and iPad app shows you how-to create from scratch 20 homemade pies, doughs, and toppings in over 5 hours of step-by-step video recipes. 
-Another good cooking app is the Butterball Cookbook Plus app. With this, you won't have to touch the screen. It responds to voice commands, which is good since cooking can get pretty messy.
- Epicurious is another great recipe app and not just for Thanksgiving. 
- My Net Diary website or its mobile apps for the Apple and Android smartphones and tablets to detail how many calories you consumed on thanksgiving.
NBC'S Mike Wieland contributed to this report
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