Sarah Silverman's view about Voter ID goes viral on YouTube in 'Let My People Vote 2012' video

If you're tired of all of the political ads on television, this might get your attention. Comedian, Sarah Silverman, whose dad is a Boca Raton resident, is once again using social media to tackle politics.

In the video some may find rather crude, Silverman is trying to educate people -- from her perspective -- on the new voter-ID laws. The video itself has had almost two million views since it was posted a week ago.

The comment section below the video has thousands of posts, not all agree with Silverman. The Jewish Council on Education, a Super Pac supporting President Barack Obama, sponsored the ad. They also produced Silverman's viral video during the 2008 campaign called "The Great Schlep", which encouraged people to go to Florida and get their grandparents to vote.

You can click here to watch Silverman's recent video. Warning: not safe for work or for children to hear.

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