New iPad: Consumer Reports looks at heat complaints, puts it to the test

CLEVELAND - There's a new report out about the new iPad and how hot it gets.

Consumer Reports just did some follow up research to a report originally released last month. The initial report found that while running video games, the third generation I-pad can heat up about twelve degrees hotter than the iPad 2.

Consumer Reports did another test on the iPad. It put the new iPad in a special chamber with the temperature at 90 degrees to simulate a hot summer day. Then Consumer Reports ran a video game on it.

Like before, the new iPad ran hotter than the iPad 2 and reached 122 degrees in the hottest spot. Two other similar computer tablets reached similar temperatures.

But there's little risk of being injured.

"The way you use a tablet, it's unlikely that your skin will be exposed to the hot spot for long," said Paul Reynolds, Consumer Reports. "And in most uses the tablet won't get that hot."

Consumer Reports also found that if you're playing a highly-demanding game on the new iPad and have it plugged in, the battery might not fully charge and could even drain while it's plugged in. 

In the end, the iPad topped the ratings in the standard tests for new tablets. Consumer Reports said overall it's an excellent product.

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