New Gmail look unveiled by Google

Google is revamping is the look of its popular e-mail service Gmail.

The technology titan has been promising a new look with an easier-to-use interface for months. Since Tuesday users have been able to preview the new look by clicking "switch to the new look" at the bottom of the Gmail page.

The new look features streamlined conversations, automatic window sizing, new HD themes, easier navigation and an advanced search option, according to Google's blog.

The launch of the company's social networking site Google+ turned into a major overhaul for all of Google's products, including Google calendar and now Gmail, reported The Washington Post in July.

The changes are based in part on how Gmail users interact with the product and, while it may mean a cleaner, more user friendly layout, there will be no new features to learn, according to Fox News.

Perhaps most notable is the option to change the density of the display, so users can see everything on the screen whether they're using a tablet, computer or smartphone. More intuitive search options will now bring up a menu with "From," "To," "Subject" and other fields, and users will also be able to create a filter from the search menu.

While it's too early to tell if Google's changes will be a hit or miss, reaction was mixed on PC World's website.

Comments on the changes ranged from "Awful. Readability, contrast, and aesthetic are really bad," by a user who goes by zisslechezt, to "… have no complaints, enjoy the new changes, especially the improved conversation view," from remzimo68.

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