Massive spike in Mitt Romney Twitter followers raises eyebrows

Either "Twitterverse" is showing Mitt Romney some love, or there are quite a few bogus accounts now following him.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee gained 116-thousand followers last Friday and another 24-thousand followers Saturday, according to Twitter Counter.

By Tuesday morning, Romney's followers totaled about 807-thousand, up from 670-thousand four days ago.
Zach Green, with 140-elect-dot-com-- a site that monitors social-media activity in politics-- says someone else may have added fake followers in an effort to embarrass the Romney campaign.

Green says he hasn't seen any increase in Twitter mentions, retweets or other signs that point to authentic growth on the site.

The Romney campaign say it has reached out to Twitter to find out the legitimacy of the new followers.
In case you're wondering, Romney's opponent, President Obama, has 17-point-eight million followers on Twitter.

Reported by : CNN