Mac trojan SabPub concerns Apple users, spread through Java exploits

(EndPlay Staff Reports) - Mac users have long prided themselves on the fact that their machines are less at risk for viruses than their Windows-using peers. Unfortunately, news of two new cases of Mac malware has been circling the web.

According to a report from PCWorld , both cases involve a variant of the same Trojan, called SabPub. Apparently, the new threat is spread through Java exploits on websites and allows affected systems to be controlled remotely. The malware was created about a month ago, according to the report.

Though it sounds scary, experts say there's no need to panic. Alex Gostev, the security chief at Kaspersky Lab, told Mashable that the SabPub Trojan is only being used to attack a few specific targets. "It would seem that the attackers have an extremely select list of victims that is not very large," he said.

Despite the limited threat, Kaspersky security expert Costin Raiu suggests that Mac users take extra steps to ensure security. In a recent blog post, he suggested that Apple users:

  • Create a non-administrator account for regular, everyday use.
  • Use a frequently-updated browser. Raiu suggests using Google's Chrome browser over Safari.
  • Uninstall standalone Flash Player.
  • Uninstall Java.
  • Update software frequently.
  • Use the password manager or Key Chain to help guard against phishing.
  • Turn off connectivity services, like AirPort or Bluetooth, when not in use.

For more tips, check out the original post here .

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