'Knight Man' video game: Pixel proposal video goes viral, Robert Fink proposes to girlfriend in game

(CNN) -- Robert Fink was completely uninterested when his college friends started telling him about a girl that they knew from high school who was really into video games.

But all of that changed when Angel White walked in the door.

"I was infatuated. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on. I was told she had a boyfriend, but I pretended that wasn't true," Fink told HLN. The lovesick college student went to great lengths to prove to Angel she was the one for him.

"There was one time in the winter, it was snowing outside pretty bad and I lived somewhat close to where she worked. I trudged through the blizzard, completely unprepared for the cold to get to the nearest coffee shop and surprise her with her favorite coffee," Fink said.

After a couple of years as good friends supporting each other through first dates and bad breakups, the Portland, Oregon, couple finally found love.

Fink knew as soon as he and White started dating that she was "the one." Fast forward three years and Fink, a 3D video game artist, was ready to propose to his gorgeous gamer girlfriend.

Since gaming played such an integral part of his relationship with White, Fink decided to propose the way that made the most sense, in a video game.

Fink, who is a web developer, enlisted his two friends to help with the programming and creation of the game's music score. Once or twice a week, Fink would tell White that he had to work late and he would sneak over to a friend's house to create artwork for the game, that Fink describes as a sort of basic Super Mario-like quest.

Mobile users watch video here: http://bit.ly/1exNzFL

Over the course of five months, the three men created the pixelated proposal. With the game completed, all Fink needed to do was to get White to play the game without any suspicion.

"I told her that SuperGenius, the company that I work at, was working on a simple platformer pixel art game. I planted the seed early on in her head so that when I brought it up later that she needed to test it, it wouldn't be out of the blue," said Fink.

With the help of his office manager and co-workers, Fink set up a fake game-testing session for his future bride. To keep White from getting suspicious Fink created a tester questionnaire about the game, set up reaction cameras and had a co-worker asking her questions about the game just like other video game test runs at their company.

As a skilled gamer, White breezed through the game easily. As she neared the end of the 10-minute game, a very nervous Fink prepared for the proposal.

As the video game hero approached the rescued princess, the big moment arrived and these words popped up on the screen, "I have searched far and wide and braved many dangers searching for my one and only. I believe with all my heart that I have found you."

If she didn't already suspect, the next screen would make it crystal clear for the future bride, "Angel White, will you do me the honor of sharing your life with me?" The final screen asked White to click yes or no. With Fink down on one knee with the ring, White accepted his proposal with the click of a mouse.

As if a personalized video game proposal wasn't surprise enough, Fink had arranged for the couple's family members to waiting in the wings to surprise the happy couple after the big moment.

Fink and White wanted to share the joy of their proposal so they worked together to develop a website to present it in a meaningful way. The site tells their love story and allows computer users to play a video game called "Knight Man".

It also shares the video of White playing her way right into marriage. Those reaction cameras Fink set up captured every minute.

So will the couple work video games into their wedding ceremony?

"I'm sure there will be, sprinkled around, but not in your face. Gotta keep it classy! I have thought about putting the game in an arcade booth so that people can play it on our wedding day. I think that would be pretty cool," said Fink.

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