July 28: Bloom and Bieber square off and a 'Sharknado' hits the Big Apple in the digital review

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A celeb showdown, Sharknado attacks and "brogrammers": we've got it all in this week's edition of the digital review! 

Bloom and Bieber battle: Sigh. America woke up to big news Wednesday morning: Orlando Bloom did what a handful of people have probably wanted to do over the past few years – the actor threw a punch at pop star Justin Bieber at an Ibiza club following a heated altercation. It’s already turning into a classic “he said, he said:” while some sources are saying Bloom took a swing at Justin following the singer’s negative comment about Bloom’s ex, a source close to Bieber says the swing came first, THEN Justin retaliated verbally. See, it’s ALREADY proving to be this generation’s version of Han Solo and the “who shot first?” debate! 

Messenger, or else:  Haven’t downloaded Facebook’s new Messenger app yet? Then you won’t be able to message friends on Facebook mobile much longer. Facebook made the announcement a few months ago that mobile users would only be able to message their friends through the Messenger app; and now, it’s crunch time. Learn more here

Sharknado attacks! America braced itself for a storm this week: the premiere of “Sharknado 2: The Second One” on Wednesday, July 30! In honor of the ridiculously-unbelievable-yet-strangely-captivating SyFy flick, BuzzFeed rounded up the 38 most absurd things that viewers saw in the sequel. Yes, spoilers await you

Sleep-Aid to sleep well: A new product promises to help you get the good night’s rest you need – but the designers need YOUR help to back the project. Read all about the product and the Kickstarter campaign launched to help fund Sleep-Aid, on WPTV.com

The problem with the “brogrammer” culture: This read isn’t a short one, but it’s worth it – I promise. Recent allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination, as well as patterns of alleged misogyny at popular tech startups like Snapchat, Tinder and Airbnb prompted writers at Mashable.com to look at the “brogrammer” culture (bro+programmer=brogrammer) and the escalated cases of sexism many are seeing at these startups. The story made a splash on the Internet on July 29 – read it for yourself here

Twitter soars: Twitter’s recently-released second quarter earnings show that the social platform beat expectations in terms of profit and user growth; and Twitter saw shares soar in the wake of that news. Read all about Twitter’s latest figures here

Not-so-fun-in-the-sun: A video of a woman's diving board fail went viral this week, and all we can say is "OUCH." Before you think about diving in to the pool next time, just watch this video

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