July 14: Fit fashion, an out-of-this-world selfie & an underwater proposal top digital review

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Viral videos? Check. Fashion getting digital? Check. Changes to your favorite social platforms? Check. This week had it all! Read on to see some of the top headlines from the digital sphere this week.

Fitness meets fashion: High fashion, meet hard fitness! Designer Tory Burch officially launched her collection for Fitbit Flex on July 15, bring style to the oh-so-popular wearable fitness trackers.  Check out the bracelets and pendant necklace, designed to hold the Fitbit core, here

Underwater proposal goes viral: Scuba gear? Got it. GoPro? Fired up. Ring? Under the sea! A video of University of Florida student Alex Montgomery proposing to his girlfriend, Lauren Schuhle, during a July 12 diving trip in the Florida Keys went viral after the 20-year-old posted his video on July 13. WPTV spoke with Montgomery just two days after the proposal as the video was taking off; you can read more about this awesome proposal on WPTV.com

Comcast cancelation confrontation: Have you ever tried to cancel something, like a service or subscription? Perhaps it’s been a breeze; perhaps it’s been frustrating. If you felt annoyed and overwhelmed with the process, you’re not alone: Ryan Block recorded an eight-minute snippet of his conversation with a Comcast “customer retention” specialist. Listen to it here

The selfie in space: Think the first “selfie” happened when the iPhone landed in a teenage girl’s hand? Think again. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin made the “selfie” happen long before Ellen DeGeneres, President Obama, and every teenage pop star made it cool! Take a look at the in-space selfie from 1966 (you read that right!) that went viral this week. 

A good run for the hashflag: NOOOOOOOOO! With the end of the 2014 World Cup comes the end of the beloved “hashflag” on Twitter. Remember how you could just type #USA and a flag emoji would populate next to the hashtag? It saved you time and took patriotism to the next level! But like soccer's big event, all good things must come to an end. Read more about the disappearance of hashflags on Mashable.com

Facebook’s “buy” button: A few weeks ago, Twitter rolled out its first “buy” button, allowing users to shop directly from their Twitter feeds. Up next: Facebook! The social media giant announced Thursday that it will begin testing a “buy” button to help businesses drive sales through the News Feed and their organization’s Facebook page. Read more about this development here

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