iPhone or iPad locked up after updating? Here is the easy fix

Apple is working to fix the kinks in their latest update which seems to lock people out of their smart devices.

Apple released the update a few days ago for iPhone and iPad users.

The update came with several improvements, including fixing a security flaw with users' emails.

But some users are reporting difficulty after updating their device, saying it is "locked up" and they are unable to use it.

Tech expert Craig Agranoff of gripd.com says there is an easy fix, "The easiest way to solve the problem once your phone locks is to press the home button and the power button on top at the same time and hold them. If you hold it for ten seconds, the screen is going to go black and then it's gonna boot back up again with the Apple logo. You can let go of your finger there and if the phone doesn't reboot, you can press the power button again to turn it back on. At which case the phone should turn back on and if you go into general settings, software update, you'll see that your phone has in fact, been updated to 7.1.2."

Experts say don't forget to back up your phone to iTunes or iCloud before performing any updates.

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