iPhone 5? New iPhone release from Apple is sooner than you think

The hype over the new iPad has barely died down and already Apple followers are whispering about the hottest new rumor: The release of the next iPhone.

Apple has been unveiling new iPhones every summer the past few years and so logically is getting ready for the next model.

But FOXCONN, Apple's infamous Chinese supplier, has told a Japanese TV program that it is ramping up factories for a June release.

If the reports are true, the next iPhone will be unveiled in late June, during Apple's Developers Conference.

Not the iPhone 5?

But Information Week magazine quotes experts saying don't expect the "iPhone 5."

It says Apple is eliminating numbers, and will likely call it just the "new iPhone."

That makes a lot of sense, given that the new iPad is not the iPad 3, it's just the "new iPad." It's the same thing for the new version of Apple TV.

If the reports are true, the new phone will go on sale in July, with the now familiar lines and crowds waiting for it. It is expected to be faster and thinner than the current iPhone 4S.

To read the full Information Week story, go to http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2402524,00.asp .

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