iOS6 untethered jailbreak getting closer: Evasi0n 92% done jailbreaking Apple (AAPL) devices

It's ALMOST here!

UPDATE: Evasi0n's untethered jailbreak is now released. Get details HERE.


The jailbreak community has waited months for an untethered iOS6 jailbreak and the @evad3rs team is creeping closer and closer to completion.

As of Sunday, February 3, the website gave the update, "92%: Final testing and preparation. Come back soon!"

The new jailbreak is compatible with all versions of iOS6 and supports every device that can handle Apple's latest firmware release.

That means that users of the iPhone 5 and the iPad 4 will finally be able to tweak, enhance and alter their devices as they wish.

The "untethered" jailbreak will allow users to use their device and not have to worry about having it plugged into their computer every time they need a reboot or happen to run out of battery life.

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