How to use Parental Control settings on your smartphone, tablet or computer to keep kids safe

This year we are seeing more and more kid-friendly gadgets -- and with them, comes access to adult sites. But there's good news. You can easily block your kids from seeing them.

Former Apple employee Corey McFarlane says whether you're purchasing a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac for your child -- there are plenty of parental control settings at your fingertips."Whether you want him or her to not view the internet between certain hours, or block completely from a website," said McFarlane.

On a PC , just go to start and then control panel to access these settings. On a Mac,  you will find what you need under "System Preferences". Once you are there, you can restrict certain websites, set certain time parameters or use the dictionary to hide profanity.

On an Apple device, such as a smart phone or tablet: Go to settings, general and select "restrictions" to make it safe for your kid to use. You can even use a mobile device to control your child's computer use from afar .The " LogMeIn " iPhone app lets you do just that. 

The biggest problem for you may not be mastering the technology, but persuading your children you're looking out for them. "You want to be upfront with your children, I believe, it's not that I'm punishing you, I just want to safeguard you from anything that may not be age appropriate," said McFarlane.

There is also software you can purchase to give you even more control. For a look at some suggested parental control security packages, click here

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