Google 'Search Plus Your World' not sitting well with Twitter, privacy advocates

Twitter tweeted a piece of its mind Wednesday shortly after Google announced the release of a new search feature that incorporates Google+'s content, USA Today reports.

In addition to the classic Google search engine, Google+  users will now have the option of conducting searches "Search, Plus Your World", which offers a personalized blend of results including photos, comments, friend's recommendations and  news posted on its Google+ social network.

Twitter has taken off as a source for breaking news and trending topics, but the company believes Google's "Search, Plus Your World" feature will make it more difficult for internet users to find their content.

"We think that's bad for people, publishers, news organizations and Twitter users," Twitter stated.

The Electronic Privacy Center has also sounded off against Google and is considering filing a complaint to the FTC, citing that the new search feature raises anti-trust and privacy concerns, according to the article.

Google wrote on it's Google+ page that they're surprised by Twitter's reaction.

""They chose not to renew their agreement with us last summer and since then we have observed their ... instructions," Google said.

Critics say that Google's new search engine is anti-competitive, because it gives Google's content priority over everyone else's, according to the Boston Herald.

Some argue that while the search engine gives a personalized search tailored to the user, it pushes out other relevant information, limiting searches to what an algorithm  suspects the user is searching for.

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