FlyRights iPhone and Android app by The Sikh Coalition allows travelers to file complaints about TSA

Some religious and minority groups say they've experienced an unfair share of discrimination in American airports since the 9/11. But thanks to a civil rights groups, there's an app for that.

FlyRights, and iPhone and Android app, allows travelers who believe they've been profiled by airport security to immediately file a complaint with the Transportation Security Association.

The app was created after members of civil rights groups led by The Sikh Coalition complained about frequently being stopped at airports.

Many of the Sikh men and women, wear turbans associated with their culture, but find it often leads to scrutiny and leads to them being stripped of the head wear, in addition to their dignity.

However, TSA says the extra precautions aren't limited to the Sikhs, but anyone wearing head wraps or bulky clothing. 

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