Facebook intern salary: Facebook interns make $25,000 more than the average American

Being an intern isn't as bad as it sounds -- as long as you work for Facebook.

According to a report from Glassdoor.com , Facebook interns make $25,000 more than the average American.

According to Business Insider , the average US citizen makes $42,976. The average Facebook Intern: a base salary of about $67,000 per year. That's $5,602 per month.

ABC News reports that Facebook also provides interns "with all the same benefits as normal employees -- iPhone, laptop, gym access, three meals a day, all the amenities made available at Facebook offices."

But Facebook isn't the only tech company that spoils its interns.

Forbes ranked Google as the No. 1 workplace for interns and the average monthly base pay for an intern there is more than $6,000.

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