E-hoarding is a new phenomenon that is spreading like a virus for computer users

E-hoarders can't, won't delete emails or files

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - We've all heard stories of hoarding, where people save everything from vintage magazines to worn out clothes.

But in the digital age, more and more cyber citizens are developing a problem known as "E-hoarding."

E-hoarding is a fairly new phenomenon for pack rats running inside the wheel within the world wide web.

With six computers in his home, Ft. Lauderdale resident Larry Fisher has a problem letting go of everything from junk emails to unwanted files.

He can't delete anything.

"Delete? What, are you kidding me? Why would I want to delete it?"

"That's right," says psychologist Cheryl Gotthelf. "Because it's difficult to make the decision of what's important and what's not. If he has six computers, he's overwhelmed with this stuff so to just tell him, 'delete it all' is gonna be very very difficult."

Fisher believes he has figured out his own way to deal with "E-hoarding".

When his computers fill up with junk, he says he'll just keep buying more.

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