Dell Latitude computer odor complaints: E 643O users complain of cat urine smell

Dell is finally admitting that some of its new Latitude laptops have a strange odor... one that many owners have likened to cat urine.

Hundreds of complaints about the foul odor have popped up in social media and tech forums since early summer.

Some asked if a cat had peed in their new computer at the factory, while other owners wondered if kitty litter had been used as packing material.

Dell initially told owners to leave to laptop open to get fresh air and to wipe it down periodically.

But owners said it didn't help.

Dell now says that a problem with the manufacturing process caused some parts to have a smell similar to cat urine.

The company says it will offer a replacement laptop or at least replace the plastic parts involved to customers who cannot live with the smell.

The laptop model affected is the Latitude E-6-4-3-O (letter o)-U.