Comet ISON video: Professional photographer captures comet ISON over Mersing, Malaysia

MERSING, Malaysia - CNN iReporter and professional photographer Justin Ng used a special camera mounted to a 20-inch telescope to capture comet ISON moving across the sky over Mersing, Malaysia, Sunday morning.

When he first saw the comet, it appeared to be green. "It's my first time seeing a comet and capturing it in motion. It's truly amazing!" he said.

"After I compiled the images and did a time-lapse movie for it, I'm totally in awe and speechless to see the comet moving that fast across the night sky," he said.

To emphasize the comet's path, he also included a slowed-down video and an inverted video of the comet.

Comet ISON will make its closest approach to the sun on November 28.