5 Clicks: Macy's urged to dump Trump, Victoria's Secret apology, Facebook shares, new Blackberry

-There's a petition making the rounds on the web to get Macy's to dump Donald Trump's line of merchandise.The over 400,000 who have signed it don't agree with Trump's political views. Many have been tweeting, including Cher , that they even plan to boycott the retailer. Trump himself tweeted that his fragrance is flying off store shelves! There has been no response from Macy's.

-Victoria's Secret has posted an apology on its Facebook page for putting a Native-American-style headdress on a model. The outfit at the annual fashion show sparked controversy for being offensive when photos hit the internet.

-800 million shares of Facebook stock are set to flood the market on Wednesday.

-Bank of America is rolling out a new mobile payment service called Mobile Pay on Demand   , The tool will let businesses process credit card payments from their smartphone.

-There's finally a launch date for the next generation Blackberry. Blackberry 10  is expected to hit stores January 30th.

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